A village designed just for people with dementia

Published Apr 8th 2014

Opened in 2009, De Hogeweyk, aka Dementiavillage, in Weesp, Holland, provides a unique, caring residential home for people living with dementia.  The “village” is a secure, enclosed residential centre with a difference. Staff wear street clothes, residents can help with whatever tasks they feel like getting involved in, from cooking and cleaning to shopping, and there are restaurants, cafes and pedestrian pathways.  One of the characteristics of dementia is the urge to roam, something that many families and caregivers struggle with when caring for someone with dementia.  And it is in DementiaVillage, and a few other similarly-thinking organisations around the world, that cater specifically to that need, as well as providing the dignity of apartments personalised to the preferences of its six-to-eight residents.

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