About us

Our vision

Silk and Tweed is an advocate and appreciator of age (and the skills, knowledge and experience it brings) at a time when youth, celebrity and notoriety are worshipped and aspired to.

We do this by providing exceptional bespoke personal assistance services.  Focused on supporting older citizens in continuing to live active, healthful, involved and independent lives, we also work closely with and support those who love and care for members of older generations.

Our business is run as a social enterprise.  We believe our work adds significant value to communities, helping to maintain diversity of views and interactions.  We see our services as an important aspect of early social care intervention that helps an aging population better manage lifestyle changes and maintain excellent overall wellbeing.

Our values

We complete our work in a way that is respectful and fair to all and that minimises negative effects on the environment. Although our main focus of work is with older citizens and people caring for multiple generations at once, we are non-discriminatory and interested in and willing to work with all members of the community.

It is important to note that Silk and Tweed is NOT a health service organisation and cannot give advice on or support for medical conditions.