Bernice Pederson on fun

Published Oct 17th 2013

Having been raised a Baptist, Ralph had never been to a dance before he met me. They aren’t supposed to dance in that religion.

Once we were married, however, we went to dinner dances every Saturday night for years.

For vacation, we used to go to Arizona in the winter. We’d go for about six to 12 weeks every January and February.

We stayed at the Desert Rose in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first time we went, we flew. After that, we drove.

Friends would come out with us every year, and we really got to know a lovely community of people there.

The motel owners were wonderful. There is beautiful grass, a pool, a restaurant on site; every family has their own entrance to the motel.

Closer to home, I was always very involved in the church bazaar. I made 600 lefse every year and approximately 1000 pieced quilts over the years for a homeless charity.  Lorraine Jenson did so as well.

We made about 50 quilts a year for 20 years. We would help tie and bat each other’s quilts.

On the day of the bazaar, we would lay a quilt over the back of each pew so people could buy what they liked. Any that were left over were donated to the charity.

One year, I was the Grand Marshal for Roberts Good Neighbor Days. That was fun.

After Ralph died, I went to Norway, Sweden and Denmark for about three weeks with some female friends. It was with a church group from New Richmond. We also did a bus tour of New England and other places. Those of us that are still alive are still in touch.

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