Headlines: Aging in the news

Eldera connects curious youngsters with senior mentors

Published Jun 28th 2021

Anyone yearning for a quick and easy answer to the thousands of questions lobbed in their direction over the course of a day by curious, socialable and desperate-to-learn children can take a deep breath of relief. Eldera connects adults aged 60 years or older with children for a free mentoring program. The organization matches mentees and mentors, and all mentors […]

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The economic burden of ageism

Published Jun 14th 2021

Following a contribution to the World Health Organization’s Global Report on Ageism, The Lancet team discusses the impact that ageism has on individuals and communities as a social determinant of health.

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Flexible working for over 50s – a toolkit for employers

Published May 28th 2021

One in three workers is over the age of 50 and flexible working is the number one workplace practice that would support people to work for longer. Developed in partnership with Timewise and based on extensive research and employer pilots, this toolkit sets out to maximise the benefits of flexible working for both businesses and individuals. Download or read the […]

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Relationships, not money, make us happy

Published May 18th 2021

UC Irvine’s Belinda Campos, Ph.D. explains why multiple close relationships are far more important to our overall happiness than the amount of money we earn or have in the bank. You can read or watch her explanation here.

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Get involved in the UN’s Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030

Published May 6th 2021

The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030) is a global collaboration, aligned with the last ten years of the Sustainable Development Goals, that brings together governments, civil society, international agencies, professionals, academia, the media, and the private sector to improve the lives of older people, their families, and the communities in which they live. Populations around the world are ageing at a faster pace […]

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European news on Active and Healthy Aging

Published Apr 20th 2021

News from the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing is available online here.

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New aging well resource library now available

Published Apr 6th 2021

The UK’s Centre for Ageing Better recently introduced a Community of Practice resource library. It can be searched by theme, including physical activity, health, social connection and more. The library is available online here.

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Creating spaces to connect old and young

Published Mar 24th 2021

Intergenerational projects provide so many benefits to participants and organizers that advocates for shared spaces wanted to find out why there weren’t more available in the United States. A report from Generations United and The Eisner Foundation examines some of challenges that could be inhibiting growth of such projects and venues and makes four recommendations. Raise awareness of the benefits […]

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Our words matter!

Published Mar 8th 2021

I found this report from the UK’s Centre for Better Ageing really interesting! An old age problem? How society shapes and reinforces negative attitudes to ageing. In examining the most common words and phrases used to describe seniors, the Centre found predominantly negative associations. As well as destructive associations linked to portrayals of older adults as causes of crises in […]

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Influential seniors!

Published Feb 24th 2021

To add a bit of fun and inspiration to your day, read through the AARP Minnesota 50 Over 50 list and Slate magazine’s 80 Over 80 celebration of the influence of seniors on every aspect of our lives. www.pollenmidwest.org/stories/2020-50-over-50 60 on Slate’s list Top 20 on Slate’s list

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Touching elbows helps us keep going

Published Feb 12th 2021

As we continue living with the Covid-19 pandemic, touching our loved ones may be one of the most significant aspects of life we are still living without. Grieving for our past social lives may have given way to resignation, yet the need to touch remains. A doctor working in California, Dr Leif, writes for the Greater Good Magazine about how […]

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Ask your country to commit to an Ageing Society New Deal

Published Jan 26th 2021

The International Longevity Center UK proposed an Ageing Society New Deal that asks countries to commit to investments in health and support for development of a longevity economy. More information about the commitments and contact details for becoming a signatory to the commitment are available online here: https://ilcuk.org.uk/its-time-for-an-ageing-society-new-deal/ This is definitely something I’m going to follow as I’m particularly interested […]

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