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Combating ageism

The International Federation on Ageing recently wrote that “some of the most important barriers to effective public health policy on healthy ageing are misconceptions, negative attitudes and assumptions about older people.”

The World Health Organization’s Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health recognizes that achieving healthy ageing will be dependent on our ability to combat ageism.

Let’s all be mindful of the words we choose and the assumptions we hold. Every small change contributes to bigger, normative transformations.

Raise your IQ at any age

Researchers from the University of Zurich have found an interesting way to raise anyone’s IQ at any age. How? By learning to play a musical instrument!

The study found that playing music can raise an IQ by seven or more points. The work supports the increasing body of work examining ways in which the brain continues to flex, grow and change over a lifetime, as opposed to the static state that was the previous assumption, particularly after a certain age (65).