Celebrate the International Day of Friendship!

Published Aug 12th 2020

At every age, friendships are essential! I’ve learned over the years that some friends come into my life for a short time whereas others interweave their paths with mine throughout many years. Both types of friendship are valuable, and the sadness that I feel when a friend and I drift apart makes the long-lasting relationships even more poignant and important.

As we age, it is inevitable that some friends are lost to illness and death. As difficult as it can be in the hectic rush of work, life, family, fun and any number of other obligations, we must remember to be kind when we are out and about. For many older people, their social interactions are extremely limited in time and quantity. So rather than rush by or dismiss a gentle conversation starter, taking time to really see someone can be hugely valuable to both parties.

You can read more about the UN International Day of Friendship online here.