In the garden

Published Oct 17th 2013

Do you have a large vegetable patch or flower bed that needs regular weeding? Or do you need a few hours at the beginning and end of each season for larger maintenance jobs?

We are happy to help and look forward to learning more about the finer details of English gardening through your expert guidance.  As always, if you are booking Silk and Tweed services for someone as a gift, we’d like to thank you with a free hour of service for you.

The basic Silk and Tweed fee is £25 per hour and five hours for £100. The five hours may be completed at once, such as with a large one-off project, or could be spread out as needed, such as with weekly one-hour weeding or mowing sessions.

If you require longer-term, on-going assistance, we will work with you to create a personalised package of time and services.

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