Linda Dunn on education

Published Feb 17th 2014

My earliest memories start around school age. I vaguely remember nursery – taking naps on mats.

We walked to school.  I was always quite bright and took the lead in all the school plays – I don’t act now.

I remember winning an essay competition that was sponsored by Cadbury’s. The prize was chocolate biscuits.

It was a big deal when I passed the 11+. Because of that, I was able to go to a good school.

I was always really sporty and captained most of my school sports teams. I swam competitively, too, when I was younger.

I still stay in touch with two girls I went to senior school with. All three of us are from working class backgrounds, so when we get together, we talk about how times have changed. It’s very interesting!

None of my contemporaries went to university. We didn’t have the pressure to do so that seems so commonplace now.

In general, I wasn’t too interested in school. I was much more interested in the rest of the world, particularly art and fashion.

Painting was my main skill at school, and I wanted to go to art school.  At my interview [for Art School], I was told that women couldn’t do graphic design because they would eventually quit to get married. I remember being very upset by that attitude.

I still paint whenever I get the chance.

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