2011 news

Numbers of (very healthy) centenarians growing: 2.12.2011

Over 50s are the generous generations: 30.11.2011

Labour calls cuts of one-fifth to social care budgets a “quiet crisis”: 4.11.2011

Labour appoints Shadow Minister for Older People: 28.10.2011

Social Enterprise Bill working its way through Parliament: 26.10.2011

Can philosophy answer social care questions of ethics? 4.10.2011

Intergenerational digital inclusion: 30.9.2011

Helen Mirren: looking good at every age: 28.9.2011

First meeting of social care leaders discuss Dilnot review: 28.9.2011

Why grandparents were vital to the rise of man: 24.7.2011

Deeply flawed care business lets down the old and sick: 16.7.2011

Data from the Dilnot report: 4.7.2011

The Dilnot Commission press release: 4.7.2011

Councils could offer loans to homeowners in Dilnot Report proposal: 3.7.2011

To spare youth, elders volunteer to tame a rogue reactor: 27.6.2011

Age UK research shows social care funding crisis: 27.6.2011

Are 15 minute home visits enough? 28.5.2011

NHS failing elderly patients: 26.5.2011

New measure of pensioner poverty announced: 9.5.2011

For women, achieving a comfortable retirement is much harder: 7.5.2011