On the world wide web

Published Oct 17th 2013

Would you like to learn how to download your digital photographs more quickly and then print some of them? Or maybe you’d like to get involved in a local government consultation and aren’t sure where to start.

The Silk and Tweed team has a wide range of skills that encompass web design, blogging, personal administration and on-line marketing. So whatever your online plans, from starting a blog and setting up an on-line coaching business to using Photoshop and contributing to local and national government consultations and events, the Silk and Tweed team could help.

As ever, if you are booking Silk and Tweed services for someone as a gift, we’d like to thank you with a free hour of service for you.  The basic Silk and Tweed fee is £25 per hour and five hours for £100. The five hours may be completed at once, such as with a large one-off project, or could be spread out as needed, such as with one-hour training sessions.

If you require longer-term, on-going assistance, we will work with you to create a personalised package of time and services.