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Dan Woll on fun

Climbing probably saved my life by putting my life at risk. In 1972, I was teaching in Sauk City, Wisconsin and knew nothing about climbing other than what I had read in a famous Sports Illustrated article about the first climb of the Dawn Wall. I never thought I would climb. I thought I was in reasonably good shape, but […]

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Constance May on fun

When I was a child, we didn’t have the worry that we do now about child abductions.  My friend Patty and I would pack lunches and ride our bikes three or four miles out of New Richmond to Burkhardt. We’d visit friends on the way, not coming home until much later in the day. In general, we spent most of […]

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Bernice Pederson on fun

Having been raised a Baptist, Ralph had never been to a dance before he met me. They aren’t supposed to dance in that religion. Once we were married, however, we went to dinner dances every Saturday night for years. For vacation, we used to go to Arizona in the winter. We’d go for about six to 12 weeks every January […]

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