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Linda Dunn on work

My first job was at Jaeger on Regent Street, London, and I went on day release to study fashion at City and Guilds College in Westminster. I had itchy feet then, so moved around a lot. One of my first jobs was working as a chamber maid in a hotel in Jersey – my parents visited me there. It was […]

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Georgia Zirul on work

I never worked outside the home until after Zellery died. I started working in 1974. I had a friend who worked at West Publishing in the Twin Cities, which was how I was able to get a job doing night proofreading.  I worked there for about 10 years, and it was there that I met my second husband, Julius Zirul. […]

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Constance May on work

When I couldn’t find a teaching job, I went back to work at First National Bank in St Paul.  In college, I dressed like Twiggy, and at the bank, I got away with a lot in terms of my clothes. I’ve always been into fashion.  In grade school, I would babysit and use the money I earned to buy clothes.   […]

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Bernice Pederson on work

I’ve been fortunate in that I worked because I wanted to, and I was able to find jobs, from the dime store and office in Virginia to the courthouse in Hudson, where I worked for 16 years from the time our youngest child went to grade school. I was the deputy to the county clerk at the Hudson courthouse. And […]

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