Time to change our way of thinking about aging – it’s not a bad thing and it’s unavoidable!

Published Aug 2nd 2016

Research from the FrameWorks Institute delved into the ways of thinking that determine much of society’s approach to and beliefs about aging. The findings were fairly depressing, with research participants talking about ideal situations as distinct from the reality. “The rosy ideals that informants had about what aging should look like were juxtaposed with a consistent sense that the reality of this process and stage in life is typically very different from the idea.

“Determinism was a strong component of people’s REAL model of aging, in which aspects of life such as identity, knowledge, skills and success become increasingly “fixed.” Doors of opportunity that were once open are now closed, and one’s capacity to change courses in life is reduced, if not completely eliminated.”

This has to be an aspect of negative thinking and ageism that we can actively refute anytime we come across it, whether in our own thoughts or elsewhere. Let’s start now!

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