Bernice Pederson on education

Published Oct 17th 2013

I lived with my grandma in Grantsburg when I went to high school because she lived near my school after she moved to town. Before that, she lived only half a mile from the farm.

I went to grade school via sleigh pulled by horses across the fields in the winter. We got a Model T sometime in the 1920s.

The grade school was one mile from the house. For a while, it was a one-room schoolhouse, with one teacher that taught all children in grades one to eight.

Then the school expanded to two rooms and got two teachers; one for grades one to four and a second one for grades five to eight.

We brought our own lunches. There was a kerosene burner in the middle of the room that we used to heat our food on. Our lunches would be packed in metal pails so we could put them on the heater.

I had a friend that I went to school with from grade one to eight; her name was Clarette Olsen. We used to stay at each other’s house, and we often walked to school together.

I still have two friends from high school. One lives in Webster and the other lives in the Twin Cities.

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