Call for Dignity Code supported by forthcoming inspections

Published Feb 23rd 2012

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, organisations and individuals across the care spectrum expressed their support for the “National Pensioners Convention’s Dignity Code, which aims to uphold the rights and maintain the personal dignity of older people.

“It affirms the right of individuals to speak for themselves, either directly or through a friend or advocate. The code places a responsibility on carers to respect an individual’s habits, values and needs, and for carers to speak to those they look after with respect, using the formal terms of address unless invited to do otherwise.

“Crucially for those needing care, it enshrines the right to have their concerns dealt with, without fear of retribution.”

In addition to this call for support, the Care Quality Commission announced forthcoming, unannounced spot checks on residential care homes across England, beginning in March.

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