Georgia Zirul on work

Published Dec 11th 2013

I never worked outside the home until after Zellery died. I started working in 1974. I had a friend who worked at West Publishing in the Twin Cities, which was how I was able to get a job doing night proofreading.  I worked there for about 10 years, and it was there that I met my second husband, Julius Zirul.

Because my mom had read the King James Bible to us a lot, and because of her British English language, I knew a lot of the terms that made for a good proofreader and editor.

At that time, proofreading involved a reader who read to the corrector who then corrected the manuscript while the reader read.

As time went on, eventually we moved to reading into a tape recorder and then using that to correct proofs from. I worked on law books, which was quite boring, but I liked it because I was busy all of the time. I remember that when I was reading, I would sometimes disagree with how a judge decided a case.

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