New research says UK not ready for ageing as juggling work and care responsibilities takes a toll

Published Mar 18th 2013

With the population of people over age 65 and age 85 expected to double within the next two decades, the government is assessing the impact and future demands this will have on the healthcare system and on individuals and their families. A recent poll for the charity Carers UK found that over two million people have given up work to care for a sick, elderly, or disabled relative. With so many people reducing their work hours in order to cope with caring responsibilities, Carers UK and Employers for Carers have called for more support. The Guardian warned that, “Without urgent action from government to ensure families can access this support, millions more will see their careers and earnings suffer – with long-term personal costs to families and significant costs to business and the UK economy.”  Following assessment by the House of Lords that the UK is not “Ready for Ageing?” as it titled its recent report, agreement is growing that adapting public services is necessary, but difficult as the needs of older people and their health issues have become more varied than in the past.

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