Headlines: Aging in the news

The benefits of nontraditional work in retirement

Published Jan 14th 2021

The Boston College Center for Retirement Research recently published a report examining the benefits of taking on nontraditional work during the years of retirement. Nontraditional meaning without health and retirement benefits. The results suggest that as long as health allows, working longer is financially and socially beneficial for seniors. It makes for suggestive reading for those considering retirement or planning […]

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Caregiver Action Network (CAN)

Published Jan 4th 2021

What a great resource! I particularly like the option to choose from a range of situations, particularly as so many of us are likely to move between different set-ups and responsibilities at various times of our lives. With tips, videos, networking opportunities and more, the Caregiver Action Network provides support in a range of ways, including for specific types of […]

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Live Longer with AI

Published Dec 14th 2020

Live Longer with AI is a book taking an in-depth look at “how artificial intelligence is helping us extend our lifespan and live better too.” I’m not sure what I think about using tech to increase the length of my life, and I guess that many others may be even more skeptical than me. The videos on the site provide […]

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More research on the importance of sleep

Published Dec 4th 2020

Stanford University’s Center on Longevity‘s Sightlines Project recently updated its report on the importance of sleep. Information includes a list of useful behaviors to follow to help get the most restful sleep and new treatments available for sleep disorders. Additionally, the impact of lack of sleep was found to be far greater than had previously been thought. “On average, one […]

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Meet new friends and share your knowledge – there’s an app for that!

Published Oct 26th 2020

Introducing bloomd, an app designed to bring together a mix of generations for mentorship, friendship, companionship and advice. The app is usable on a variety of devices, meaning that you don’t need to have the latest smartphone or other gadget to use it. And as a means of facilitating conversations and safe social interactions, it helps keep everyone safe and […]

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Vaccines aren’t just for children and could help delay Alzheimer’s

Published Oct 20th 2020

Vaccines are rightly on many peoples’ minds as we live in hope of eventually being able to return to a more open way of life post-pandemic. Two studies have found a link between the flu and pneumonia vaccines and a significantly lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s. The first study, by a team at the McGovern Medical School at the University […]

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What do you think about the Third Age?

Published Oct 12th 2020

Researchers break down the stages of human life into three stages: the First Age from birth to 30, the Second Age from around 30 to 60 years of age, and the Third Age as beyond 60. Many Third Agers are pushing hard to retire the phrase “retirement” and its connotations of the end of something. Many older adults freed from […]

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The foundation stones of a healthy, happy retirement

Published Oct 5th 2020

A newly released study by Edward Jones financial advisors and Age Wave found that a happy, healthy retirement depends on four main areas of life. Although no surprises came from the study, the findings are useful in highlighting common questions and concerns and identifying ways in which society more broadly could make better use of seniors’ time and skills. The […]

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Toolkit created to help senior housing organizations build intergenerational programs

Published Sep 30th 2020

Developed by Generations United and the Leading Age LTSS Center @UMass Boston with funding from the RRF Foundation for Aging (formerly the Retirement Research Foundation), the toolkit provides ideas for new programs as well as expanding existing ones.

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Mismatch between negative media messaging and positive personal views of aging

Published Sep 22nd 2020

The University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging Team recently examined older adults’ experiences with everyday ageism. The adults surveyed ranged from 50 to 80 years old. While 65 percent reported seeing or reading ageist messages, close to 90 percent of respondees said they felt more comfortable being themselves as they got older. Such a mismatch between the media […]

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Viewing art reduces risk of mortality

Published Sep 14th 2020

If there ever was a good reason to cultivate a habit of museum going, this is one! The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing compared self reported receptive arts engagement (going to museums, art galleries, exhibitions, the theatre, concerts, or the opera) with mortality. The researchers found that people who engaged with receptive arts activities on an infrequent basis (once or […]

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How does your reading style fit in with this survey of the different generations’ habits?

Published Sep 4th 2020

A long infographic, but worth it for the entertainment value. Enlarge the image and see how your reading preferences fit in with others!

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