Headlines: Aging in the news

Be kind to humankind week!

Published Aug 24th 2020

Be Kind to Humankind Week is an annual celebration of kindness held on August 25-31 each year. It is a time to reflect on what we can do in order to make the world a better place for everyone!! Each day of the week has a particular theme. Read more about the movement and the week here. The Days Sacrifice […]

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Celebrate the International Day of Friendship!

Published Aug 12th 2020

At every age, friendships are essential! I’ve learned over the years that some friends come into my life for a short time whereas others interweave their paths with mine throughout many years. Both types of friendship are valuable, and the sadness that I feel when a friend and I drift apart makes the long-lasting relationships even more poignant and important. […]

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Funding longevity

Published Aug 6th 2020

Part of Stanford University’s Lifestyle Medicine Initiative, the Funding Longevity project examines ways to improve retirement security. A two part video introduces the work. Part 1 Part 2

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Intergenerational dinner parties over video calls

Published Jul 28th 2020

The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s organization recently created the MealsTogether program to, in their words, “add flavor to social distancing!” Diners are matched via the program and at the allotted time, log in to the video calling service and eat a meal at the same time as their companion. Find out more and get involved!

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A lifetime of purpose

Published Jul 20th 2020

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley writes about the waxing and waning of purpose across and throughout the different stages of life. It’s no bad thing, either, to have different purposes at different times. As author Kira M. Newman says in the article, “Like happiness, purpose is not a destination, but a journey and a practice.” Researchers see […]

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Habitat for Humanity helping seniors with home repairs

Published Jul 14th 2020

As reported by Diane Eastabrook in Next Avenue, a number of Habitat for Humanity chapters have begun helping seniors repair and maintain the safety of their homes. The organization’s Aging in Place program often goes far beyond simple home repairs and connects vulnerable citizens with the agencies and resources to help them “remain in their homes with comfort and dignity.” […]

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Covid-19 and older people: resources

Published Jul 6th 2020

A great list of resources from the International Federation on Ageing with recordings of Town Hall meetings and downloadable information sheets.

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Decade of Healthy Aging

Published Feb 24th 2020

Welcome to the beginning of the Decade of Healthy Aging! Currently interrupted by the global coronavirus pandemic. A campaign by the World Health Organization (WHO), the plan is for “10 years of concerted, catalytic, sustained collaboration.” As more people live past the age of 60, there is little evidence that overall health outcomes have risen at the same rate. Inequities […]

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Combating ageism

Published Sep 20th 2016

The International Federation on Ageing recently wrote that “some of the most important barriers to effective public health policy on healthy ageing are misconceptions, negative attitudes and assumptions about older people.” The World Health Organization’s Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health recognizes that achieving healthy ageing will be dependent on our ability to combat ageism. Let’s all […]

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Raise your IQ at any age

Published Sep 8th 2016

Researchers from the University of Zurich have found an interesting way to raise anyone’s IQ at any age. How? By learning to play a musical instrument! The study found that playing music can raise an IQ by seven or more points. The work supports the increasing body of work examining ways in which the brain continues to flex, grow and […]

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The challenges of rural ageing in place

Published Aug 24th 2016

A New York Times article titled Alone on the Range discussed the distinct challenges facing senior citizens wishing to remain in their non-urban homes. It is no surprise that access and support were identified as two key obstacles. “Satellite clinics and telemedicine can help bridge some of the health care gaps. For digitally adept older adults, the Internet already allows easier […]

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Time to change our way of thinking about aging – it’s not a bad thing and it’s unavoidable!

Published Aug 2nd 2016

Research from the FrameWorks Institute delved into the ways of thinking that determine much of society’s approach to and beliefs about aging. The findings were fairly depressing, with research participants talking about ideal situations as distinct from the reality. “The rosy ideals that informants had about what aging should look like were juxtaposed with a consistent sense that the reality […]

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