Low vitamin D levels linked to cognitive decline

Published Nov 30th 2015

Additional research has been published that supports the growing body of evidence linking low vitamin D with increased cognitive decline. Below is an excerpt from a recent article by Reuters.

“Low vitamin D levels were also associated with significantly more difficulty with remembering general information (semantic memory), seeing the relationship between objects (visuospatial ability) and managing overall thinking processes (executive function).

“Over a period of just under five years, individuals with low vitamin D levels showed a more rapid decline in executive function and in the ability to remember their own past personal experiences (episodic memory).

“These rates of decline were similar for individuals who had normal brain function at the beginning of the study and for those who already had dementia or mild cognitive impairment.

“When the researchers adjusted for other cognitive risk factors, such as vascular disease, obesity and the presence of a gene variant associated with Alzheimer’s disease risk, the link between low vitamin D and cognitive impairment remained.”

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