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Linda Dunn on education

My earliest memories start around school age. I vaguely remember nursery – taking naps on mats. We walked to school.  I was always quite bright and took the lead in all the school plays – I don’t act now. I remember winning an essay competition that was sponsored by Cadbury’s. The prize was chocolate biscuits. It was a big deal […]

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Georgia Zirul on education

At school, there was one teacher for all the grades, which was a total of 30 children. It was a one-room school house for grades 1-8. I learned a lot. I started school when I was five, although the only thing I remember is having really bad toothaches while I was there. Eventually, someone took me to the dentist to […]

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Constance May on education

New Richmond was, and is, a very progressive school system.  They provide a lot of advanced, college prep courses. The only downside to my high school education was that New Richmond didn’t teach typing, so when I really needed it, in college, I didn’t know how to type. I remember in grade school, we had to practice ducking down under […]

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Bernice Pederson on education

I lived with my grandma in Grantsburg when I went to high school because she lived near my school after she moved to town. Before that, she lived only half a mile from the farm. I went to grade school via sleigh pulled by horses across the fields in the winter. We got a Model T sometime in the 1920s. […]

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