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Linda Dunn on family

I had a really happy childhood. It still stays with me. When I was young, I thought everyone had the same. We were very lucky. We were poor yet happy. My parents were from Poplar, east London. My mother lived in an apartment block, and she said that she saw the German bombers flying in along the Thames. It was […]

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Georgia Zirul on family

My mom was from Bacup in England. Before she moved to the United States, she worked in Manchester in a shoe factory.  Her brother moved to the US before her, working as a minister. She emigrated when she was 30, moving to work as a maid and a cook on a farm for the Weghorns (a German name). It was […]

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Constance May on family

I was born in Frederick, Wisconsin on January 27, 1947.  I went to school there for first grade.  We didn’t have kindergarten then. There was an epidemic of polio that year, and my brother Michael got it.  He had to go to the best hospital in the area – Sister Kenny in the Twin Cities. Sister Kenny was the person […]

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Bernice Pederson on family

I was born at home in Grantsburg, Wisconsin on May 29, 1920 and was the baby of the family; I had three sisters and one brother. My mother’s family name was Moan. She came to Wisconsin from Norway when she was 16 years old, travelling with her dad, two brothers and two sisters. My father was a first generation Norwegian […]

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