Using technology and community to better age in place

Published Nov 2nd 2015

An e-book recently published by Twin Cities Public Television gathers “fresh ideas about communities that support aging well and technology that helps caregivers and their loved ones feel connected and in control.

“Some researchers now believe that relatively small changes in people’s living spaces and daily strategies can keep them out of nursing facilities for months or even years, saving families – and, potentially, the nation – millions of dollars.

“The ability to bathe and cook are two areas that can directly extend the months or years people are able to age in place. Too many seniors… had been taking ‘birdbaths,’ standing at the sink and washing whatever they could reach. Eventually, this practice could have medical ramifications.

“Many adults admitted that bathing properly again was a major goal.”

Read the full report for inspiring examples and ideas of how small change can make a big difference.

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